Access Control

“reducing the need for administrators to duplicate
data inputting, so minimising additional costs”

Grantfen supply and install advanced electronic access control systems that are capable of both monitoring and controlling entry and exit through selected doors from single numbers up to thousands and a virtually limitless numbers of users.

Grantfen’s systems can use many different types of reader and lock technology. Any site may have several different types of card reader varying from simple magstripe  and pin code, proximity cards/tags through to advanced biometric technology.   Each card or biometric credential is encrypted onto the system and assigned by the Administrator to the relevant user.

Modern Access control systems can be easily linked to human resource software systems which automatically transfer access rights for a new member of staff when they are enrolled. This reduces the need for Administrators to duplicate data inputting, and so minimising any additional costs.

By fully integrating the access control with other systems such as CCTV, Grantfen can access live or recorded images that are associated with access control events.    Incidents such as a door being forced, left open or a reported stolen card being used at a reader would cause the local camera to capture images of the specific episode and distribute them effectively to an email recipient.


would say with confidence that Grantfen are one of the best specialist sub-contractors I have worked with. They have completed three projects for BBES (but have completed several more for other personnel) under my control which where.

Lee Horsley
Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Limited

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