“most existing IT infrastructures can be upgraded to IP CCTV systems”

Grantfen supply and install cutting-edge CCTV equipment and offer an extensive range of comprehensive security solutions that meet our commercial customers’ requirements. These can include IP (Internet Protocol) cameras with built in analysis and detection which can identify the presence or even the direction in which an object is moving.   

Once this has been detected by the the camera it can activate an alert such as emailing a captured image or remotely moving a pan tilt zoom camera to closely view the object in more detail.

Further actions can be taken such as streaming live images to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) where they can be viewed and controlled by a dedicated security operator.

Grantfen can upgrade most existing IT infrastructures for IP CCTV systems or provide a bespoke installation to meet a company’s specific security needs.                           

Advanced  software applications can be loaded onto hand held mobile devices that can access live images of the premises’ CCTV prior to entry and so act as an additional aid to apprehending an intruder.


would say with confidence that Grantfen are one of the best specialist sub-contractors I have worked with. They have completed three projects for BBES (but have completed several more for other personnel) under my control which where.

Lee Horsley
Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Limited

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